Sunday, 30 October 2011

Explaining the name!

Why TUBS as my blog name?
1. It was a nickname given to me by a girl in year eight, who thought she was being 'cute' but in fact the name cut just as deep as a knife. 2. It's to remind me how much I have let myself go and lost my way and self confidence. 3. Because I'm fat.
I suppose karma does work, heard the girl that labelled me with that nickname died of a heroin overdose in her early 20's.

Ok, so what are my blogs going to be all about, well it's to help me take back who I was. To help me be a strong individual again and stop hiding behind excuses and food. To record my struggles and my hopes for the future. To occasionally reflect on my past, good and bad. My online anonymous diary.
Who am I? I'm a single mum (no fault of my own, ex husband had a wandering cock problem) 40ish who has a list of health problems all thanks to Being Morbidly obese. I have a BMI of 56 just to give you a scary picture of how bad and sad I have let my health become.
I'm your funny fat friend who is always good for a laugh, who you tell that if she lost weight she would be gorgeous. But deep down her soul is drowning in tears.

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