Sunday, 24 June 2012


Wow, have I been slack. Been 2 months since my last blog. Some gaps to fill in. Well where do we start!

You know how they say life is a roller coaster. After my last blog my mood was taking me on that slow downward journey. I had allowed to get myself upset that I still didn't have a surgery date. so what happens when you are depressed (well what happens to people that are obese when they are depressed) we eat. We start back on vices that are bad. Coke, things high in sugar, become lazy. I haven't taken back up smoking, but I am still having a few now and then. was even thinking of paying for the surgery  myself again but the government had taxed me a whopping 31% on my super payout. I rang the hospital on a weekly basis in April, hoping they would give me a date. After calling every week for 6 weeks I gave up. So you see I was sad and didn't really want to hear about other peoples wonderful journey's so stayed away from forums and gastric sleeve web sites.
To top of this Journey down. One of my best mates 12 year old passed. This was very hard as he was a healthy active young boy. He had grown up with my sons (same age as my twins) since they where 2. He had a bad cold, his parents took him to the hospital twice and where sent home twice. Only for him to stop breathing later that night. Still cloudy over the why's as there is to be a coroners inquest. But it doesn't end there. Another one of my friends (since kindergarten) found out her 16 year old has cancer on his brain. Then another friend of the families son was badly hurt in a car crash where 2 other boys where killed.
Ok now your thinking what next. Last week my mother was rushed to Intensive Care as her body had shut down due to internal bleeding. She had to have 8 bags of blood and iron transfusion. She is now on the mend ( they said a couple of more hours untreated and we would have lost her) I'm not up on the medical terms, but she had heaps of  Hemorrhoids  in her stomach lining that where ruptured and bleeding.
So my kids have been an emotional roller coaster too with all this. When my kids are emotional... well think of a pub brawl, but take away the alcohol.  So I had lost control a bit, become slack in enforcing household rules and boundaries. Oh and to top it off my car is on its last legs(wheels). Ready for the metal graveyard.
So that's what has been happening the last 2 months. Now where the roller coaster starts climbing.

Oh just quick add here : While in Melbourne visiting my mum, my sister informed me that the hospital I am having my surgery at run out of funding. That all non essential (which they classify weight loss surgery) was on hold till the new financial year. She works at one of the hospitals in the health care group/chain.
Now the climb up. It all started with my boots....... I found a pair of size 12, wide calf boots. I have never been able to find boots that fit my calves. to find shoes that fit comfy (actually have to wear thick socks with them as a little bit to big. But thick socks are great in winter) is a bonus in itself.  I was one happy girl. the boots made me lash out and by a new wardrobe. It was bugger it, who knows when I will be a smaller size I need clothes now. I had been putting off buying new clothes thinking I would need smaller sizes after the surgery. My last years winter outfits where a bit snug or worn out. So I got a new skirt, 3 pairs leggings, new socks and underwear. 5 new tops, new jumper and 2 winter coats.
Then one of my sisters gave me a perfectly good Guest handbag as she had upgraded.
Ok you have the picture of me looking fabulous now. Mum's on the mend, I'm talking to a sister that I had a falling out with 9 months ago and hadn't spoken too since. So since mum was no longer in danger, I came home. The next day is a letter from the hospital telling me my pre- admission appointment. Now I don't have an actual surgery date on that letter. But I'm guessing that if all goes well with the day. It will be 2 weeks of optifast and surgery. So the pre-admission is on the 4th July. So if my guess is right, I'm looking at surgery around the 18th July.
Now that I know the public is pretty much set, my 2/3 of my super payout is now free to finally update my car. So this weekend I brought a new washer and dryer (mine both died in all the chaos, more fuel on the fire) and wait for it........ A NEW CAR (well second hand, but only 6 years old low km) So touch wood. Will pick up my new presents to myself this week.

So life really is a roller coaster, I just hope my ride up is slow and steady.

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