Thursday, 5 July 2012

Pre Op Diet: Day one

Well the appointment went great. Only set back is I have to go on the optifast for four weeks not two. So today I started the protein diet. I have to have 6 optifast meals a day, plus added fibre and protein. Was so hungry after my first shake this morning It wasn't even an hour before I prepared the next.
Kids won't know what hit them, did the grocery shopping on line last night and didn't order anything norty but Icepoles. I think the hardest thing will be no fruit, always have banana's around as they are a quick in a hurry meal replacement. Won't be able to do that anymore (sigh).
So would you belief a walked out of the hospital and they still haven't given me a surgery date. The doctor I saw (not the surgeon) said that it would be anywhere between 3 weeks and 8 weeks and the fact that we are doing all the pre-admission visit that it won't be any longer than 2 months. So everyday will be a dash for the letter box as soon as the posties gone by to get that all important letter with a date.
I asked the dietitian when to start the optifast as I had no surgery date and she recommended the sooner the better. So here I am at Day 1.
Met a fellow sleeve patient at the hospital. We are around the same height, I probably weigh a bit more than her. We are going to keep in contact. I know I have sleeve friends on line, but having someone I have met and is going to the same hospital and most likely be around the same date. It's kind of comforting.
With the optifast I have to take an assortment of other goodies. Benefiber and also beneprotien (haven't found that one yet) Also had to order some nutri chews on line. Plus my regular vitamins, iron and Vitamin D (which I know have to take 2 a day). Also grabbed some sugarless vitamin C as my daughter has a cold and I want to avoid it as much as I can. All I can say is lucky I had a bit of money saved up as this is a very expensive diet. Spent $300 just today and will have to restock the optifast in 9 days.
Picture is Not my cat, but a very similar.
Speaking of medical expenses, off the diet topic now. Had to take my cat to the vet because he had an abscess. $140 later and might have to go back yet. Was going to drain it myself, but noticed it had got infected. Knew he needed antibiotics. It's a new Tom Cat in the area. My dogs have been going off their rockers the last few weeks. If I get my hands on it, bashing up my poor baby. I suppose my baby isn't a baby anymore he is a 3 year old 5kg spoiled pussy cat.
mmm having an optifast ''Berry Crunch'' bar as I type. Having to have gulps of water with every bite its so dry and bland. Oh well must endure nearly one day down, roughly 27 to go....SIGHHHHH
And yes then the weeks of fluid then mush afterwards. But a life I once had back.
House is so quiet, daughter has taken 3 of her brothers out shopping and only one remains. She is grabbing me the mummy porn book. "Fifty Shades of Grey" thought I'd have a quick read and see what all the fuss was about lol It's Take Out night and they wanted McDonalds so I told them not in-front of me, so think they where going there for tea before coming home. It's weird you hang out for these quiet moments and when they present themselves you don't know what to do. Actually need to get some washing done so must stop procrastinating and get busy.

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