Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My first 2014 BLOG

Wow, I got lazy on this blog, just like I have been lazy this week with my food choices and exercise.
Ok update on weight. Got down to 91.9 on February 23rd 2014. Stalls are lasting way longer now. I weighed this morning at 93. So have had a gain grrrr. But refuse to enter it into my weight loss chart (it's a mind game thing with me and the app I am using to record my weight. Because if I defeat that I put on over a kg then I am back into obesity and not just overweight. Plus weigh in day is Friday!!!)
Thinking I should be recording my weight monthly now not weekly since it's now at a crawl.  Another set back was when I rejoined the gym they recorded my height at 174cm. OMG I am finally shrinking, I know it happens with age but once again to change the height on my App will change my BMI. So just not winning at the moment.
Anyway, A lot has happened in my life lately. Had a big fight with my ex husbands family,then early in the new year I broke up with my partner of 1 year. That's when i broke my last stall, didn't really eat much for a week or 2. Now what's going on. well started to see someone, but it's not going crash hot at the moment. Really like him but doesn't even seem to have time to pick up a phone and text hello. So still officially single, but behaving.
Getting heaps of male attention which is a bit scary. Been going out more now I'm single and seem to get hit on 'a lot' . Sometimes I get angry about it as I think why didn't these men hit on me when I was big. But the realisation is I didn't like to look at me when I was huge, why would any man. In a few mind sets about that one.
Rejoined the YMCA and have done water aerobics and a body combat class. Even pushed myself to do 20 laps (1km) swim the other week. Plus been to the gym twice. Also done a few Core boxing classes, they are fun but exhausting. Been trying to keep my calories under 1200, but averaging about 1,500 to 1,700 a day. Yes seem to be able to fit way more in and making bad food choices.
So this is why I think I hunted down this blog to update, makes me accountable for my actions and choices.
Haven't exercised since last Friday and was feeling really guilty for it, but was feeling off colour and decided to go to the doctor's today. Have an ear and sinus infection. Explained a lot, dizzy, no balance or coordination, headaches, sleeping heaps and just feeling unwell. So took the edge off the no exercise guilt trip. Nothing can be excused for bad food choices though.
Oh had my appointment at the hospital to go on the Public waiting list for a tummy tuck. But been told its a LONGGGgggg wait. Might have to save the pennies still as the loose skin is very depressing.
Well will finish up with some updated photo's. If I don't Post I forget about it and it sits there for a couple of months. Going to try to keep it more up to date.
Same bikini top January 2012 to January 2014
Gym gear brought, ready to kick start me back into exercise. In a boxing stance lol January 2014

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