Wednesday, 12 March 2014

26th Nov 2013.

Wow, writing a second blog in the same month. Quick take my temperature. Well stall is still slowly moving. Down to 96.5. Only 4.5 kg till I am no longer obese. I would say I can taste it, but on a weight loss blog that doesn't sound appropriate lol
Been having a roller coaster of emotions lately. Something that I used to fix with food. Even though I still am trying to fix it with food, my body says "NO". I can still kinda pig out. Like today I have downed a chocolate bar and 2 small packs of cheezels, but now I am sitting here wondering if I am going to throw up......
My emotions are not really related to weight, more family, money and relationship issues. plus the fact I haven't been getting the best quality sleep lately. Been having anxiety attacks, had to catch a train the other day and nearly had a freak out.
Went to a wedding 2 weeks ago and brought myself a new dress.Size 16. Felt like a million dollars. Now I wish every formal occasion that was in the last 20 years can be reinacted so i can be a size 16 not a blob in all the photos.
My sister gave me some clothes the other day.Size 14 skirt and 12 cardigan and they both fit. Also some size 16 jeans, that where too tight on her.

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