Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Seriously what is wrong with me. Old habits roughly the same weight now for 5 months, hovering up and down about 3 kg. ( 91 and 94).  All I want to do is crack that magical number. See the scales go into the 80's and stay there.
I am still exercising 3 to 4 times a week, but problem is have increased my volume of food and eating the wrong stuff. Kids school snacks are my worst enemy.
So decided need a kick in the arse. Go back on Opti for a week (even if it's just to replace 2 meals a day and have normal dinner). Also to track my calorie intake. Make myself accountable for each morsel I put into my body.
Ok for example todays Diet:
Divine Macadamia Bar, chocolate coated
4 x Mini Chicken Kiev Balls
1/4 cup satay chicken and rice
1 pack Salt and vinegar chips (Snack size)
2 pack Doritos ( snack Size)
Cordial, 6 servings
Rush Chocolate Milk 500ml
Le Snack
Half can a bourbon
Oh and daughter had KFC snack box for lunch and I pinched some popcorn chicken and a couple of chips.

Ok, just added all that to "My Fitness Pal" app. 2,106 calories. If I wasn't exercising I would be gaining weight.
Knock off the chips and alcohol, cut back on the chicken balls and my day wouldn't have been to bad.
I find I have been eating way too many carbs again lately. Actually can eat a sandwich now. Not always does it stay down though.

Anyway some serious stuff will have to be happening soon or all this effort will be for nort.

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