Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bad Me

Written a month ago, forgot was in my drafts:

:I don't feel depressed. But I'm eating junk, biting my nails again. Smoking more, drinking a bit more on weekends than I usually do and not sleeping well.
If anything I would just say I'm "out of sorts". Insecurities creeping back into my life, relationship problems that I convince myself and friends that it isn't affecting me but deep down I think they are.
I'm eating chocolate, chips and drinking soft drink. Just today I had one crunchie, 2 snack size salt and vinegar chips and 2 cans of coke. Old dark nasty habits creeping back into my life. I keep saying to myself back on track tomorrow, but then start the ugly pattern again. So blogging my eating habits and emotions might give me the slap in the face that I need.

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