Sunday, 10 August 2014


Just posted this on Gastric Sleeve 150kg plus facebook page, thought I should share here too:
So angry at myself for making excuses, sat down last night and had a good hard look at what I have been doing. I have gained 5.7 kg in 4 months.
The old excuses are coming back into play, 'oh I quit smoking' 'oh it's muscle from exercising' 'it's being in a relationship again', I have got comfortable as I'm having my TT and will have kg of skin removal'
The truth is..... I PUT IT IN MY MOUTH, I EAT IT, Seriously no more excuses. Having my Tummy Tuck in 5 weeks. My treat for no longer being obese and getting to a overweight BMI was my tummy tuck. But have allowed my BMI to creep back up to 31.5 (was 29.7)
I have 5 weeks to make myself accountable. No more old me sneaking back into play. She was scratching, seriously downed a whole meat pie yesterday even though I felt so sick after. Giving myself a good talking too and holding myself accountable for every calorie put between my lips............ Or seriously this has been a waste of time if fat me is allowed to escape.............
So now to add to my thoughts:
Only managing to get to the gym about once a week, twice if I'm lucky. Still havent got my treadmill fixed. Have exercise equipment laying around the house gathering dust. Even not energetic in getting much housework done just the bare essentials (considering I have a house inspection coming up better pull my finger out on that one). Seriously my diet is crap. Way to many carbs, craving sugar constantly. So going back to basics.
Had opti for breaky, just had a bit of cheese on crackers for a snack. Going to cook up some ribs for lunch.
I do know where the calories are coming from. I'm drinking too much calories (jim beam cans are shockers at 265 calories a can, and i'm having one or 2 a night, one night there I downed 9 of the suckers. )
Munching on chips, ice creams and chocolate constantly. The old habit of going shopping and grabbing the treats as I walk out. I'm having way to much bread, rice,  pasta meals.
So 5 weeks till my Tummy tuck. Back on track time. Keep my calories on the 1200 mark. Not going to stress about exercise, specially since I seem starving after I exercise at the gym. So going to concentrate on calories first. Will be cancelling gym membership soon anyway as won't be able to exercise after TT, plus have a massive busy few weeks ahead of me with volunteer work. So after this week after I get my hand to mouth problem worked out. Will make sure I add a half hour minimum routine of exercise in at home.

Ok accountability actions:
1. Calorie counter to be used every day.
2. Weight only to be taken and recorded on Sunday. (jumping on scales during the week can have a few problems. Depression when not moving, over confidence when they have moved and thinking I can have that one bit more. Plus so much fluctuation in the week, it's a waste of time.. )
3. Hide the scales
4. Allow cordial as I am drinking more water, but no soft drink, milk drinks, only 1 juice a day.
5. No Bread, rice or pasta. Dry crackers allowed
6. Protein foods are all allowed including cheese.
7. If craving sweets only lollies that have to be sucked (hard boiled), no chocolate, chips or chewy lollies that slide down.
8. Fix treadmill
9. Blog at least every second day. Need to find myself accountable even if I slip I need to be truthful about it.

ok I'm sure I will add to this list as I remember.
ok Determined to loose 6.7kg in 5 weeks. Wish me luck...............

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