Saturday, 7 July 2012

Day 2 Pre-Op

Day 2 was easier than day 1. Did all my prep work for meals in the morning, I did this because I never seem to be hungry in the mornings, but by about 5pm (usually the time I'm preparing the kids dinner) I'm starving.
So it was handy just to throw chicken and veg's together and throw on some rice for the kids dinner. While I made some chunky vegetable soup for myself.
Ate about half of it, not the biggest veggie eater, but making myself eat it since that's all I'm now allowed with the optifast.
Did up a 28 day tick sheet. Was getting a bit lost about how many optifasts I had and what medications I had taken, also keep a track of my water intake. So now I can see at a glance what I still need for the day.

One really weird thing I have noticed since I couldn't eat the fruit salad I made for the kids today, I really enjoyed sniffing the fruit as I cut it up. At least one of my senses is still enjoying food lol.
School holidays and kids are driving me crazy already. Problem is with five kids outings get very expensive. The 'bored' word comes out a lot and I either suggest they help me with housework are they go read a book. One of my son's piped up "there is nothing to read" when I suggested that today. I have 3 well stocked large bookcases in my house!!!
My eldest son (14) is glued to his computer. So unless his brothers or sister is annoying him I don't hear much from him unless he is hungry lol.
I am doing really well with withdrawals, thought coke withdrawal would have kicked in today. My daughter is monitoring my moods lol
Well my computer time procrastination is over I have a pile of washing to fold.

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