Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 6 Pre Op..... Woohoo hit a small Target

Well have been jumping on the scales daily (habit) lol. Been loosing about a one kg a day (2.2 pounds). Well today I hit the 6 kg (13.2 Pounds). I never really thought about where this weight goes, but considering how much I have been spending on the toilet the last 6 days, I wonder no more lol.
Friend suggested I half my benefiber intake (as I had diarrhea). Did that yesterday and I feel so much better. Obviously my body didn't need so much fibre. My muscles are not aching as much as they did 3 days ago so that's a good sign too.
Oh also my order for the Strawberry optifast arrived (couldn't find it locally) Have decided this is the best tasting protein drink out of all the ones I have tried. Going to retry the soup tomorrow, the last time I had it I made the mistake of making the water to hot and it went gluggy. Will try it with some chopped veggies on my can have list.
Going to be a busy next few weeks, I'm getting a new kitchen and they are redoing the floors in my kitchen/dining/lounge. Plus painting all that area too. Since there is a fair bit of packing and lifting to do thought I'd better make a start. Won't be able to lift anything after the operation.
Haven't been able to get much housework done, school holidays in winter are always a nightmare, 5 kids in a confined space, blood is usually spilled before the end of the week. Plus every time I wash a cup another clean one is taken out of the cupboard and dirtied. So kitchen is on strike!
Tried ringing the hospital this morning as I still haven't got a surgery date, a time frame was ok a few weeks ago, but with 5 kids and other commitments I need dates. Will need to arrange for the boys to be at their dad's the week I go to hospital if it falls on my custody week. Then there is the kids sporting events to arrange them to get to while I can't drive for a couple of weeks. Plus as I mentioned the new kitchen going in, I'm going to have tradesmen  trooping through my house for a couple of weeks.
Couldn't sleep last night, my body was exhausted but my mind wouldn't stop with all the things I need to do.
So speaking of things I need to do, the clothes on my bedroom floor are not going to fold itself....sigh

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