Friday, 28 September 2012


Well I finally am no longer classified “Super Obese” and have joined the ranks of ‘Morbidly Obese’.
I actually didn't realise the title of Super Obese existed until told so by a bariatric surgeon earlier in the year. (It is someone who has a BMI of over 50)
So my BMI is now 49, and decreasing J
Went out for the first time in Months last night, had birthday drinks at a friend’s first (well I had Cola Cordial and made it a tiny bit stronger than usual lol) Then we went to our local in town. They have a dance floor and bands playing on Friday and Saturday night. I surprised myself and actually got up and danced for about half an hour. Also stood around, previous visits over the last couple of years were me honing in on the nearest seats and plopping my backside down for the night. I found I was ok standing around, my feet and knees didn't ache.
Now the only problem’s where 1. Now I don’t smoke anymore the beer garden has a roof over it and the cigarette smoke was ‘trapped’. Considering only 2 of us don’t smoke in a group of about 15 friends this is where we hang out. So after an hour I felt an asthma attack looming and I didn't have my inhaler as I haven’t needed it since giving up smoking myself. This also brought on a wicked headache. 2. Drunk sleazy men when I’m sober is a real turn off. If I was tipsy or drunk, I probably would be loving the attention in my shrinking body. But this time of year the place was full of football players having their breakups all over the limit!!! 3. Due to my iron levels being low, I was exhausted by 1am (the place closed at 3am).  So about 1.45, I said my goodbyes. One advantage of not drinking is that I drove there and didn't have to wait around and pay for an expensive taxi ride home.
Considering I never touched a drop of alcohol last night, I had the weirdest dreams. Actually weird is an understatement. It ended very erotically, right at the good bit too lol Now to find the lead character from my dream in real life. Even though he was pure evil shape shifter (as I said really weird dream lol) Usually I like to psycho analyse my weird dreams, I think it’s a Virgo thing J But this dream last night I wouldn't know where to start. Petrol stations,  fields, schools, norty child throwing sandwiches on the floor, evil dogs, tar, court room, empty streets, soldiers behind a fence (in which I climbed over) Evil entity, space vortexes, bathrooms, trying to safe some aunt I’d never met,  class rooms, giant bird/dragon type creature,  Black rooms and sex.  It’s like my head hadn't been allowed to dream for months and decided to throw them all into a mixer together!!!!
Sometimes I think as soon as I wake I should write it all down, many a time I have had a dream that I think would make a great movie (last night’s dream was too jumbled for any script). By not writing my dreams down am I throwing away a great opportunity to become a famous writer!! J
Ok off topic of weird dreams, can you belief my kids and I have used up over 200GB of usage and the month isn't even over. My computer has been slowed down to dial up speed, (so takes 20 minutes for a page to load). So even though I am journaling on the 22nd September I won’t be able to blog till the 25th. It is so frustrating, considering I like my daily internet fix.
Well you can tell it’s spring here in Australia, I have a blow fly buzzing around me. Think it might be time to get the screens fixed again to keep out the blow flies.

Some time later.......(26 September)
I went out for my niece’s birthday last Saturday night, first meal out. Ordered the pumpkin soup, managed about half of it. But that’s not why I mention the dinner.  My ex brother in law knows how to ruin my mood.  First he steals my drink, and then he insults me in front of everyone.  First  when I was ordering my meal, he says across the bar, “do you really need that” not even knowing what I ordered. Then again at the table he makes a comment about fat people should eat. Then to top it off he steals my $120 jacket and took off home with it. (I got my daughter to run in and grab it, but will now need dry cleaning). I had to put up with this alcoholic while I was married to his brother, I try not to have anything to do with him now. But it was my nieces birthday dinner so I held my tongue as I could clearly see how ashamed she was of him. Sad thing is his wife and one of his daughters are both very large woman too. I hate to think of the drunken abuse they deal with. He is just a dirty hobo.
Had another dinner on Tuesday, (no ex brother in law insight thank god). This is when I learnt it can be harder than I think to eat out. I go out thinking I will order the soup, I can manage that and be sociable and eat too. The soup was mushroom, I hate mushroom with a passion. The menu was not new tummy friendly at all. I settled for a serving of vegetables, minus any veggies that are hard. So it was mashed mustard potato and pureed cauliflower. My first mistake was it was warm in the restaurant so I ended up having a glass of water before the meal. Second problem not mine, was I was served last (they had forgotten my order) and as we all now know we need minimum half hour for a small meal if not longer. So I only got 3 forkfuls in before I was feeling so uncomfortable. So my plate was sent back barely untouched. Wish I had thought to bring a container from home as my kids would have scoffed it down in seconds as it did taste delicious (I actually added a bit of mustard be sauce to their mashed potato dinner tonight, they loved it.) Lucky for me everyone at the table knew I had had the surgery so no one asked any uncomfortable questions. 
Even later...... (28 September)
Well I’m living on concrete floors at the moment. Was meant to have lino put through the house, but after they ripped it up they informed me the ‘layer’ is off sick so won’t be done for a few days. Not happy considering all the lounge and kitchen furniture is shoved into the boys’ bedroom and hallway.  Lucky it’s school holidays, so I can let them camp out in the empty lounge room for the weekend. I’m getting the floorboard look lino. So until you actually touch it, it looks like floorboards.
Been debating if I should do a YouTube blog, I follow a few who have had the Gastric sleeve. It’s good to find one and watch their shrinking bodies as the months go past. But I have trouble trying to blog once or twice a week. Would I manage to keep up to date with a video blog??!!! Oh well, something for me to dwell on.  
Oh found a great link about the do's and don'ts of Gastric sleevers.  Hopefully the link works.

Well been playing on my computer long enough, better go kick the kids of their computers and make them have some family time :)

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