Monday, 15 October 2012

RSL and Treadmill

Thursday 11th October 2012

Ok, my body is really starting to scream at me it's not getting enough nutrition. My Restless Leg syndrome (RLS) keeps me up most nights, add that to being so tired already and i am officially a walking zombie. This time last week I was only just telling someone how much more energy I had and today, well you would need a cattle prod to move me.
I don't know if I'm coming down with something, I'm having trouble eating anything. I ache and energy level is an all time low since the surgery. Finally have a doctors appointment tomorrow, hoping after the last blood test that it will show maybe I just need a Vitamin B12 injection again. Or that the RSL is just caused from lack of Magnesium that can be fixed with a supplement.
My weight is hovering around 149 - 150 kg. Hardly moving again, considering my calorie intake is under 1000. The lack of weight loss is annoying. But I can't whinge since it is still on the downward slope.
Everyone seems so highly strung this week. I have managed to offend 2 people on Facebook this week to actually have them delete me. Silly me put my opinion on their statuses, must remember not all people like comments. If I don't like someones comment I just shrug it off. I suppose that's the difference between me and other people. Been a victim of cruelty with my weight so long I grew a thick skin.
Speaking of annoying things and most people struggling with their weight will agree with this one. People's opinions regarding your weight loss. It's amazing when I tell people that I am now (27 kg) down, how they then offer advise on what to eat and do. It's like 'HELLO' I just told you that I have lost all this weight and now you want to tell me what to eat and do!!!! Even today was making general conversation that I had to up my protein, so next thing I'm being told a list of high protein foods. I just hate unsolicited advise. Oh I just read back what I wrote and I think I'm a bit snappy too, must be the weather, or even the start of daylight savings making everyone narky.
Went out both Friday and Saturday nights. Stayed out past 3am too. Funny not drinking or smoking anymore. Watching people get intoxicated as the night goes by can be an amusing past time. People are surprised when I tell them I'm not drinking as i can still act silly when I want too. They had a really good band on Saturday too, and as much as it is annoying to dance in the middle of really drunk people. I still danced for about an hour. Something I hadn't done in years. Doubled the amount of dancing time from last fortnight so hopefully when I go out next go even longer. (mind you my ankle killed the next day, no idea what I did)

15th October 2012
Well fell asleep on that last entry never got it finished. Ok Doctors, no deficiencies. We did talk about how when I go out dancing my legs don't hurt that night so she wanted me to do 10,000 steps a day (I googled it and its about walking for hour and half). There is no way I could leave my kids unsupervised for that long even if they are teens. So broke into my savings and bought a treadmill. So yesterday I did 15 minutes, so far today I have done 10 minutes (but plan to jump back on and do another 10). Kids are all fighting about their turns, novelty will eventually wear off, with them, not me I hope! Specially since it cost me $2000. Has a life time warranty on the motor so thats a good thing. Paid my ex $30 (and 2 vodka cruisers) to pick it up and put it together for me  Was watching him thinking I wouldn't have had a clue so glad he said yes. Plus it took him and my 4 boys to get it in the house, its massive.
Doctor wants to see me again in 3 weeks to check on the meds she gave me for the restless legs and do a full checkup on me.
Have started to vomit a bit more than usual so must get her opinion on that, I might be trying solid food to quick, no matter how much I mush it up. Had some roast chicken that I had shredded tonight and it came back up. Ooh speaking of food, had a breakfast bar for dinner, it was so sweet. My body is definitely not used to sweet foods anymore. I used to love these bars now they are sickly sweet.
also wanted to comment on how people are starting to notice the weight loss. Dentist I only met 4 weeks ago, went back today and she commented on my shrinking frame. Everyone is commenting on how much happier I seem.
Well better get my kids to bed, it's a school night and they are all still on their computers. I have had heaps on my mind to write about lately so will start jotting notes and hopefully next blog will be a whopper.
One of my best friends is due back from America soon, she hasn't seen me since my pre op diet days, can't wait to see the expression on her face :)

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