Monday, 29 October 2012

Addictions, pains and strains

I need to make a confession. The doctor warned me to addictions of cheese and chocolates, things that slide down so you can consume more of. I wasn't worried about the chocolate as I have never been a massive chocolate fan and only really craving sweet food like that for a few days a month. cheese I was worried about. But I have kept it limited and in my calorie range. What I am addicted to is Cheezels. Every day I have one or two snack size packets, I am including the calories in my daily intake. But they are empty calories. But  50 grams of Cheezels a day is so bad. Only 3.6g of Protein and 28g of Carbs.  Thats also 266 Calories (thats just over a quarter of my allowance). But today I gobbled down a whole 110 Gram box. The guilt and shame. But tomorrow is a new day. Plus if its any consolation they did make me feel sick. Plus I still didn't go over my calories today as it was too hot to eat much.

Well so much for my promise to use the treadmill a minimum of 15 minutes a day at least 4 times a week. I did an hour on it last tuesday, also did about 50 steps that day. On the Wednesday I woke and realised I'd pulled a muscle in my calf. So have used that as an excuse all week not to exercise as it's painful. It would probably be good for me to exercise the strained muscle but old habits die hard. Still have my big charity walk for Prem Baby research coming up in November and that is about 5km, at the moment I am no where near that fitness level so need to get back on the horse (or treadmill lol) and work on that fitness level.

Well the pain in my calf I just mentioned, I'm also been having some tummy troubles. I get constipated for about 3 to 5 days. Then finally do a very hard painful motion (I refer to this as the plug). Then I will have loose or watery motions for a day or two. Then the cycle will repeat itself. I suppose it makes a difference to the good old IBS I used to have constantly (now its IBS or 2 days of a week) Have a doctors appointment coming up so will discuss what I can do to level myself out. It might be just a simple solution of having psyllium husks. Though they jellify and would fill me up very quickly.

Well it's 32 Kilograms down now. Roughly now working out to be about a kilo a week, with small stalls. (But I know think my bowel movements have a lot to do with my stalls). Still addicted to weighing myself 100 times a week, but now only recording it about once a week. Haven't done my photo's or measurements for a bit. Should try to get them done this week.
Just heard on the news nasty storms in the US, be safe my internet friends xx

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