Sunday, 27 January 2013


Well hello lost and lonely page. It's been so long since I last seen you. It must because now I have dropped so much weight I actually have a life lol
Yes people I am much happier person. I'm now 49.5kg down. Now 30 kg from my personal goal. Still a way to go but to be more than half way is a brilliant achievement.
I'm fitter, healthier and definitely happier. I have a man in my life (only early days but it's looking good)
I "FEEL" fat every now and then (I still am by most peoples standards) But I am now down into a weight I haven't seen since my early 20's. Been buying new clothes, cleaning out my old 'fat' clothes. I had to go through my underwear draw the other week as I was on my treadmill and my knickers ended falling down to my knees lol. Plus none of old bra's fit. Only thing that I still wear from last year are my t-shirts/tops and dresses.
I am now in a size 20 down from a 28 (I say 28 as my 26 where too tight and I was having trouble buying things in larger size clothes shops, so realistically I was bigger than a 26). My weight is still falling off at a regular rate of about 1 to 1.5 kg a week. But I am having a lot of trouble with my diet, not it being bad, more the fact that I can't eat much still. A LOT of things make me sick.Can't remember the last time I actually sat down to a bowl of vegetables. I more concentrate on getting in protein wherever I can. So try to keep my cheese and milk consumption up as it's hard to eat meat still. I still occasionally have some 'bad' moments where I pig out on twisties or cheezels. But trying to keep these pig outs restricted to once a week only.
My poor treadmill gets neglected a bit. Only using it about 2 times a week for about half an hour. But it's summer and I have been getting out a bit  more, will take stairs instead of lifts that type of exercise. I used to drive around a shopping centre car park till I got a spot right near the door, now I will park anywhere. I love shopping now.
Oh oh some more exciting news. I have been wearing high heels again. Ok I'm not at the stilleto stage, but can wear a good inch thick heel.
I love to go out dancing with my friends, some nights I spend most of the night on the dance floor. I have so much more confidence now. I am also enjoying the male attention. Which takes me to my new man....
He is actually a family friend of my ex's family. We actually hooked up (yes a one night stand) back in 2007. Renewed that 'hook up' just after Christmas and been seeing him still. We haven't had that "exclusive, boyfriend/girlfriend" talk yet but I really like him and hoping there is a future. Yearly days, the giddy, happy stuff lol. Even if it fizzled it has been a few years since I have let myself open up to someone so will keep you all informed.
Anyway promised myself I would finish cleaning my room today so better get cracking.

Photo from 9th January 2013, I'm in the middle from a fancy dress party (good v' evil) with 2 of my best friends. (was actually sick that week and look a bit pale)

Be beautiful people xxx

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