Friday, 30 August 2013

The scales vs. Jo

This stall is so frustrating. Like the scales are sticking it's tongue out at me every time singing 'neh neh' I go from 100.4 to 102 back and forward. Never reaching those double digits. Been sick all week, not eating much at all but nope, still not giving me that magical number. This stall is roughly on a month now. I know some people have longer stalls, but the frustration that the weight loss slowed down over the last few months and now just stopped.  Plus I want too see those double digits soooooo baddddd.
Maybe I'm more sooky about it as I'm sick this week, considering how much mucus is being expelled from my body you would think....grrrr
I go on my cruise on my birthday. Fly up to Brisbane. One night in Brisbane then 7 nights on the Pacific Dawn P & O cruise. Up the coast of Queensland and back. Going with 5 friends. Was hoping to be lighter for it but since this stall has reared its ugliness not holding my breath. I'm curious to know if the air plane seatbelt will fit without an extension strap. It was one of my goals. We are flying with Tiger Airways and I have heard they have smaller seats. My dream was to get to 92kg by the cruise. But I cannot see 9 kg melting away in 21 days...sigh
Brought some material to make some sarongs. My body may have shrunk in size but when I strip off its all just hanging there. The worst will be to show of my thighs. All this loose skin. Makes me sick let alone anyone else that happens to glance at it. I hate it more than my stomach. People have stomachs, beer pots and loose skin from kids. But my thighs are hideous.
Been putting off buying bathers to see if I can get any more weight off. My old ones fit but a bit baggy. Might try to buy a new pair before I go but not much in the shops at the moment.
Well have my boys back this weekend and god forbid one of them knows where the kitchen sink is or the washing machine. So better get some mum duties done. Now selling Avon too, I let myself get roped into it. But been to crook to get around and give out books. Plan to drop some off this weekend.

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