Saturday, 2 November 2013


Well it just took me a good 10 minutes to work out how to find my blog to update,has it been that long since I used it lol
Ok so where are we up too. Yes the seatbelt on the plane fit with room to spare. Sunbaked and swam on my holiday without a care. Still chubby but no longer a blob. Even went snorkelling and fit into a stinger suit. Not even there biggest size.
I now wear a size 16. Considering size 26 where getting too tight I am slightly proud of myself. Some of my clothes are still size 18 but that's just different makes and styles. Some times I go into a department store and find myself heading for the plus size and then realise they are all way to big. Even my shoe size has shrunk.
I go through hate myself moments when I look at myself naked and see the loose skin. But considering how much I have lost the skin isn't too bad.
Finally hit my goal of double digits, then hovered around it for way too long. Scales are finally moving downward again but really really slowly (throw in a few more really's there lol) But I haven't been the healthiest eater of late and been doing no exercise at all. So need to get off my arse and make this happen. My next goal is to no longer be obese, but 'just overweight'  so 92kg is my next goal. Sitting on 98.5 at the moment. So 6.5kg
Here is a photo me in a size 16 on my holiday.

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