Friday, 3 August 2012

Friend with Benefits

I have been seeing someone a few times this year under the title of "friends with Benefits" but I really know what this title is. It really means "I will sleep with you, but I don't want to be seen in public with your fat ugly body". How do I know this, well the guy I had the benefits with had that title as he was from 'out of town' about hour and half away and honestly with both of us with kids there was no future for a long time. But he informed me yesterday that he can no longer sleep with me as he now has a girlfriend. I accepted this as I said we lived to far apart. But he continued to inform me where she lived. She is 3 hours away from him (we where hour and half).
He was a friend (since we where teenagers) first and I now wish I had left it at that. He is coming over to do maintenance on my property (I got him the job, another regret) tomorrow. So have decided I'm going shopping. Leave him here with the list of things that need fixing.
In a way I am relieved he got a girlfriend as if I have to be honest with myself I settled. Meaning that I haven't had myself on the 'market' and when someone showed a little bit of interest to me sexually, I jumped at the chance. If he was in my life full time, well he just wouldn't be. He is a 'poor me' soul and I wouldn't put up with his bitching about the ex wife and custody crap (he has been separated 16 months) full time. Once a week on the phone was enough.
Anyway, next week is the start of my new life and going into that new life free of ties is the best. I know as soon as the weight falls off him and others will be sniffing around, and didn't want me at my worst so you are not having me at my best!!!

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