Saturday, 4 August 2012

Photo's, smells and kids

I did some Before (for the future before/after photos). I really don't realise how big I am. I have always been big since high school, but now I'm super obese and my mind still thinks otherwise until I see photo's.  Anyway no one will be seeing the before photos, wore light coloured tan leggings and a white thermal top and they where very fitted showing each bump and lump. Will be saved away till I at least drop 40 kilo's. Though I plan to do photo's every 10 kg I drop. which reminds me I need to do the next lot soon as I am only 500 grams away from 10 kg down from my heaviest ever weight. (recorded back in June).

Today I saw a friend I hadn't seen in a few months, she asked if I'd lost weight. She didn't know my surgery was coming up but knew I was having it. She is on a waiting list for a band. I told her to see about the sleeve as it has a way lower fail rate. (my sisters had the band and really I can't see great results). Maybe when I start loosing more weight she might consider it.

Watching the Olympics, wondering how great would it be to be that fit. Just watched the woman's triathlon. Aussie girl came 3rd. Thinking wouldn't it be great (maybe not a triathlon). To be able to go in a marathon race, not wanting to win just to finish. Who knows what the future might bring. It's been looking brighter already lately.

They where having a sausage sizzle at the netball today, it smelt so good. I'm learning to appreciate the smells that I can't eat. At least I can let food enjoy my other senses. Did do a bit of a no no tonight, but thought I have been so good and it was a minor infraction I will not punish myself about it. I made hamburgers for the kids for dinner. My salad of carrot, lettuce, tomato and capsicum was looking very bland. I tipped in the left over fried onion (yes dripping in oil). But it made my very bland salad taste slightly better and I hadn't put any dressing on the salad prior.

My teenagers are fighting and stressing me out. I'm really worried about after the operation that this won't be good for me. Specially the moments I actually have to break them up when fighting. I asked their father if he would take the twins (13) for an extra week after my operation and he is thinking about it (which in the past his thinking about it is usually a no unless he can get something out of it.)

Well 5 Days, 13 hours and 30 minutes left on my count down ticker. (that's my check in at the hospital time). Still got heaps to do. Biggest fear is the kitchen reno's 2 weeks after my operation and I need to pack up and move as many heavy items as I won't be able to lift for a bit afterwards. trying to organise lift for kids to their sporting events for when I can't drive for a couple of weeks after. Just need to get paperwork organised for the woman that is taking over my secretary role for the housing group that we self manage, for couple weeks (all the meetings fall the week after my surgery).  Also really need to clean up my bedroom as I have a floordrobe happening and want to be able to walk around my bed without tripping over.
So much to do, why am I mucking around on my computer lol

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