Friday, 27 January 2012

16 October 2011

16 October 2011.
Diary of a Fat Chick

Well another lazy wasteful day. Eating crap and watching movies.
Food Intake:
Baked Potato with coleslaw, sour cream, bacon, cheese and pineapple
Garlic balls x 4
4 pieces of pizza
3 pieces of hedgehog slice
3 honey joys
Way to many cans of soft drink
Ok far enough not everyday is this bad. Just the days I use the word diet!
Exercise: NIL

House is a mess, I’m a mess. Need to wake up to myself. Always get the guilt’s at night lying in bed. Well If I ate right, didn’t feed myself crap and exercised (even stop being so lazy) Then I wouldn’t feel this bad.
Things I know will help me:
Menu plan
Clean kitchen
Bucket list
Photo diary
Ok it’s late and one thing I know I have to improve is my sleep patterns. One good thing is I’m still off the coke, and smoking limited still. Next smoke offered I will turn down!

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