Friday, 27 January 2012

26th November 2011

Seriously, am I truly trying to sabotage my life? I did the shopping yesterday with the intentions of following an old weight watchers eating plan for the week. What have I done, eaten nearly 500grams of chocolate and 5 jam donuts today.  I wasn’t even hungry. Not to mention the bottle of coke I drank when I haven’t touched coke in over 4 weeks. Well at least I never had a cigarette today. I suppose I can be thankful for something.
My shame list for today:
Innergy 72
100 grams of creamy capsicum dip 235
10 water crackers 130
3 tablespoons full of kabana pasta salad 70
Bottle of soda water with cordial 150
Bottle of coke 516
5 hot jam donuts 1330
At a guess 400 grams of Cadbury favourites (brought with the intention of Christmas presents) 2000
Hamburger with the lot, with mayo and sauce and caramelised onion, cheese on burger bun 800

That is a grand old total of 5303 Calories for the day, give or take a hundred.  The chocolate alone was what someone’s daily intake should be let alone the rest. Hopefully I will shame myself in adding up the total.
No wonder I have been averaging a weight gain of roughly 2 kg a month over the last year.  I don’t eat much for a few days then feed my body this much junk. I need to :WAKE UP

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