Friday, 27 January 2012

24th August 2010

24th August 10
Well just got back from The public hospital appointment at the obesity clinic. Looks like I still have 12 to 18 months to wait for the surgery but it’s a step closer. They are not going to give me a lap band, due to the fact I don’t live near a hospital that would be able to deal with complications of a band. They are going to do a Gastric Sleeve Resection. It’s where they cut away 2/3rds of my stomach.
I couldn’t belief how much weight I’d actually put on. That means I have piled on 26kg since this time last year. They need me to start changing some of my dietary habits now, which I know I have too.  The more I can drop before surgery the safer it will be, plus it will mean a huge re-kick start. (Meaning I usually can lose weight, but then get in a rut and pile it back on again. So if I can Loss about 20kg before the surgery, then I’d hit a plateau the surgery will kick my arse back into action to loss faster).
So anyway I have started this journal, just so I can record my weight loss and surgery experience (including the waiting).

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