Friday, 27 January 2012

Date Set

Well I have a surgery date. 13th February. This is all depending on if the Superannuation I'm drawing from comes to the party. Will know next week. I do not have Health Insurance, I have been on the public waiting list for 2 years (Apparently the average wait is 3 and half years at the moment). So I am using what superannuation I have and still had to find $2000.
Why so Desperate? Guilt! Guilt that I sit on the couch barking orders to my kids, even to fetch me drinks and food. The fact that the local milk-bar is only 300 Metres away and I haven't been able to walk to it in 2 years. That only about 4 outfits in my over flowing wardrobe currently fit me. That I'm always turning my friends down when they ask me to go out clubbing as I'm to embarrassed to be seen out at this size.
Even tonight a friend just messaged me asking to come out. Even offering to pay for cab and drinks as I used the excuse I'm too poor. Which is not a lie as I have been saving every penny for the operation. But not the whole reason.
Optimistic, in 6 months time no more tablets (on 6 different types) no more Ventolin, no more sleep apnia, no more diabetes, no more arthritis. Hopefully my health turns around for the better.
Been watching a heap of Video blogs on you tube of people that have had weight loss surgery. Been debating if I should blog this way. Less anonymous though. Really don't want a lot of people knowing I'm having the surgery. It wasn't a secret that I am, but now it's all happening have only told a few close friends. When I drop 50kg, then I will let everyone know what my original weight was. (yes I lie when people ask)
What do I weigh? Will post that figure when I know for sure the surgery is a go next week. Lets just say if I had actually made it onto Biggest Loser Australia this year I would be the fattest female :(

Oh going to post those blogs I typed but never actually posted. Have dated them, not sure if I can slot them in with dates or they will all be posted on the one date. See what happens.

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