Thursday, 9 February 2012


·         CLOTHING
o   Being able to shop in Plus size clothing stores again (prior surgery only about 1 in 30 items would fit)
o   Being able to shop in a clothing store that doesn’t have a plus size.
o   Getting fitted for a bra.
o   Fitting into shoes again. 
o   Wear a bikini’s or a sexy pair of bathers
o   Sexy underwear and lingerie
o   Wear High heels

o   Being able to walk a flight of stairs without stopping.
o   Being able to walk a flight of stairs without panting.
o   Get a pole dancing lesson
o   Get a burlesque lesson
o   Swim a kilometre
§  Swim 2 kilometres
§  Swim 5 kilometres
o   Walking
§  Walk to the shops. (350 metres)
§  Walk around the lake (2.2km)
§  Walk a kilometre
§  Walk 2 kilometres
§  Walk 5 kilometres
§  Walk 10 kilometres
o   Jog a kilometre
§  Jog 2 kilometres
§  Jog 5 kilometres
§  Jog 10 kilometres
o   Ride a horse 
o   Play a netball game
o   Take the kids hiking down to Wilsons Prom.
o   Ride a bike
o   Roller/ice skate
o   Abseiling
o   Rock Climbing
o   Climb a tree
·       HEALTH
o   No more Arthritis pain
o   No more sleep apnoea
o   No more diabetes

·         Not needing the extension strap on a plane flight.
·         Not being given the look of sheer terror from people on flights or public transport when I board, thinking I might sit next to them.
·         Going on rides at theme parks without worried the bar won’t come down over my tummy.
·         Car seat belts to fit around me again.

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