Saturday, 18 February 2012


Thinking about how I could have had the surgery over and done with now (well actually Super release didn't get approved till Tuesday. But if I was desperate I could have put my tail between my legs and maybe borrowed the money of my estranged mother.)
This waiting is frustrating, and yes I am eating more out of frustration. I want to go on the optifast diet now, but my doctor says I have to keep my diet the same for the gastroscropy and colonoscopy so it doesn't give a false positive. Fingers crossed this surgery is soon as I'm not pushing back the Sleeve for anything.
Speaking of this, the Surgeon said I was on the public hospitals April list, wonder when they actually send confirmation out. So many little things frustrating me.
Well have decided to put my weight history here, also my embarrassing current weight. But as I read on another blog today, I have to own it.


01/2012         176.50 (Surgeon /weigh in)
06/2011         172.80 (Weight Watchers)
09/2010         151.50 (Doctors)
09/2008         130.00 (Family Death)
03/2008         134.00 (Best friends Wedding)
09/2006         128.00 (Wonderful what getting rid of Ex husband can do)
10/2005         162.10 (Weight Watchers)
03/2003            146.00 (Birth of 5th Child)
07/1999         153.00 (Birth of 3 &4 Child)
01/1997         138.00 (Weight Watchers)
02/1996         141.00 (Birth of first Child)
02/1995         123.80 (Playing sport 4 times a week)
01/1995         128.00 (Started Weight Watchers)
11/1990         101.00 (Wedding day)
11/1990          99.00 (3 weeks before Wedding)
07/1990        118.00 (Started Jenny Craig)
12/1987          90.00 (End of High School)

Well its out there now, but my next list is going to be decreasing not climbing like this one did over the years.
41 days till April, but don't now how many more days to add onto that yet. Arrrghhhhh

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