Friday, 24 February 2012

I was asked today, how much do I expect to loose. I hadn't even thought of it really. Where my end goal was. When I first went for the initial consultation a couple of years ago, the surgeon said  that he would expect I'd end up around the 110kg mark. My personal goal I suppose is to be the weight I was just before I got married. 99kg. That elusive double figure not triple figures. I was thinking about it today, one thing about me is I actually do enjoy sport, when I'm fit and healthy. Exercise will become an important part of my life when I drop the kg's. I have trouble exercising now due to the arthritis pain, and the fact I seem to need a toilet once I start moving.  Once I take the pressure of my joints and my diet is controlled, I cannot see any excuse to hold me back. I will prove this doctor wrong, will prove I can hit double digits.
Ok on the home front still no surgery date from the public health system. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that there is no strikes, or industrial disputes relating to the hospital. That the doctors stay healthy and no emergency cases are pushed before me. I'm sticking to the doctors estimate that it will be in April, and checking the letterbox everyday for that important letter.
Also some health news, I am finally having my gastroscopy and colonoscopy in a week. My doctors last letter worked and its now all happening. Hopefully this will answer a few questions to my poor health (other than being super obese). Fingers crossed it's nothing that hinders my Sleeve.

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