Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Who can I Blame Now

Was going to rant how my teenage daughter is an enabler, she is always buying me chocolate and soft drink. Guess what no more excuses.... I'm the one that puts these things into my mouth. had 5 chocolate biscuits before, guess what I wouldn't even know what they tasted like because I wolfed them down so quick. Had toasted ham and cheese jaffles for tea loaded with butter. Seriously when I actually started to slow down to "taste" what I was eating, it wasn't that nice. As for back on the coke zero lately, sheesh no wonder I'm having trouble sleeping and my IBS  is worse than ever the last week. Lets not find an excuse for the crunchie I ate, I told my daughter I was craving chocolate, if I had not of said this she would not have brought bad foods to make me happy. she wouldn't have brought bad foods for herself.
I'm a total disappointment to myself. I want to loose weight before my surgery yet I am sabotaging myself at every corner. I need to get back into old "healthy habits" Meal plan, water, shopping lists. I have done this before. 3 times in my life I have dropped large numbers.
I need to lead a healthy lifestyle for my kids by example. I want to life again.

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