Friday, 30 March 2012

Carbs v. Me

Been on the optifast Diet since Sunday. Ok truth be told not the strict loose it real fast. But replacing 2 meals and one snack. Had no diet cordial in the house till today, so full strength (sugar and all). Also had about half cup juice each day (about means a swig from the bottle lol).
Went out for dinner with friends on Wednesday, the girls actually let me choose the venue knowing soon I won't be able to eat out. But I still made a healthy choice out of the demons, Turkish. I had mixed meats and salad with some dip and bread. First Carb. mistake for the week. Lemon lime and bitters and water for the drinks, no alcohol and no coke drinks, yeah me. My second carb blow out was tonight. Had a piece of toast and dips (hangs head in shame).
Was planning on exercising every night and have only been for one 15 minute walk all week. Need to still measure my hallway (to walk up and down) it might be my only option specially nights I have the kids.
I know I shouldn't weigh daily, but I have lost 3kg already. Official weigh in is Sunday night, so being night time might read totally different. My goal for my first week was between 3 and 5kg.
Have an extra child for the first week of the school holidays, giving a friend a break and I thought one more with my tribe I won't even notice lol
Oh also another pat on the back, daughter wanted McDonalds after all morning at the doctors, I drove thru, ordered hers and for me..... NOTHING :)

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