Saturday, 31 March 2012

Go Me

Go Me, Go Me, Go Me. Jumped on the scales for my 'official' weekly weigh in and down 5kg. I haven't been totally strict on the optifast plan, but have had little to no bread, biscuits, pasta or rice. So no extra fat spreads or creams etc that go onto these foods. No takeout except for my yummy healthy choice of Turkish dinner. Found myself about to eat left over kids food last night and realised what i was doing. I used to say, "no I'm not that big an eater", but when I truly sit down and think about that little snack here and that left over there, plus the laziness of getting takeout instead of cooking, I was a guts.

Was doing this silly 'Divine Fortune' discover your future in a magazine this morning and it said ask a question then choice a number. My question was will my weight loss journey be successful? The answer I got was "Feelings of power and confidence will see you reach a personal goal" Now I'm not one for mumbo jumbo, very skeptical on silly things like this. But it was random and I didn't get an answer like "a child makes me proud". But I did glance over the other 22 answers and only 4 would have answered my question. Randomness? statistics? luck? who knows, what I do know is that the saying "Feelings of power and confidence will see you reach a personal goal" is now being added to my personal motivational quotes.

Still a bit disappointed I still never stuck to my exercise goals just a bit more. The thing was getting out of the house, maybe I should just plan a few more home based exercises. Something I need to step up a gear. Anyway I need to bask in the glory of 5kg down, my own willpower. think a year ago I was drinking excessively, smoking a packet a day, chewed down nails, and no I didn't get this fat eating salad. Now, nice long nails, occasional drink or smoke when socialising, finally dropping some kilo's with the surgery getting closer to help me succeed. Also a can do attitude to top it off :)

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