Monday, 26 March 2012

Getting Closer

Well I still don't have an official date, just still being told April and that I probably will only get a weeks notice. That I will have to go down the week before to have my check up with the anesthetist and dietitian. Which seeing both of them will be fine as I have seen the dietitian for the diabetes and have slowly been making changes. Plus have quit smoking ages ago, only an occasional smoke here and there (About 2 to 5 a week), the only drama I will have with the anesthetist is the fact I haven't been using my sleep apnea machine.
Slowly been changing my diet. Been trying not to get takeout. Did get Macca's twice, but not going to dwell on the guilt, just push pass it. Been off the coke, diet coke drinks (had a can Saturday night, changed to lemon lime and bitters after that as didn't really need the caffeine). Was going to start on the optifast twice a day, but was hungry by noon, so had a slice of vegetable slice. Will need to be on the optifast 3 times a day before the operation, so tomorrow will try to go for 2 optifast meals and one normal healthy meal.
Want to start exercising but I ache so much I keep making up excuses. So next plan is to get off the couch. Was thinking of measuring the distance of the hallway. Do some exercise in the comfort of my own home. Have also ordered a step pedometer.
About to take my "Before Photo's" find an outfit that shows the curves and bumps and will use as my starting point.
So my op's in April that means worse case scenario (other than it being pushed into May) is my op is 34 days away. I'm challenging myself to loose 10kg before my op....

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