Saturday, 31 March 2012


Been reading Blogs on It's a wealth of information regarding pre and post surgery. Learning so much and so encouraged by peoples success stories. Which brings me to my next wonder of my universe.
The surgeon I first spoke to, the one who is actually now doing my surgery on the public list but I have forgotten his name (Oops I'm bad) Said something in my first sit down appointment with him, this is when you go public they have a 10 minute consult to decide if you will be banded, sleeved or bypassed. He stated that I should not get my hopes up and that I most likely will not ever get my weight back into the double digits (under 100kg/220lb). To me that's not a very optimistic view. I mean I would be happy at any thing in the low 100's at the moment as it is still a moment that is still so far away. But I have always been an active person when I have been lighter. I could easily walk 2km when I was in the 130kg range. I was playing sport 4 times a week when I was 120kg. I actually love exercise, just to do anything at the moment causes pain in so many places as I have let myself go to waste. Walking 500 metres the other night left me in pain for a day.

I suppose not all surgeons know what the end result may be, considering he only met me for 10 minutes. I never asked the other surgeon I was going to go privately with what he thought my expectations where. According to weight loss programs my weight for height should be between 61kg and 77kg. So does that mean I will always be 25kg overweight?

I know I did talk about excess skin to the last surgeon, he recommended I get private health insurance as by the time it kicks in I may want to book in to get the excess skin removed. As much as I want to belief my skin will just bounce back, I'm in my forties, and I have had 4 pregnancies and one of those pregnancies being twins, there is no way my stomach is going to "Bounce" back.
Anyway am I worrying about to much too soon, most likely.

Ok on a good note, but I should have been good and waited till later to do it as anything can happen in 14 hours. I jumped on the scales and they are 5kg down, yes I nearly fell off them. That much in one week... Keep this up and I could be 20kg down before surgery (if the surgery is at the end of the month) every kilo down is less risk for me going under the knife.

I know I told the booking clerk on the phone 11 days ago I will be good and wait for the hospital to ring me, but its now April (2 hours into April at the moment lol) So I thought if I haven't heard anything by Wednesday I 'might' try ringing one more time. I need a date, even if they push it to May at least I have a countdown. I'm just so in limbo.

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