Sunday, 11 March 2012

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

This waiting is so frustrating. I have been checking the letterbox daily to see if there is any mail from the hospital, disappointing every time there is none. Finally on Wednesday I rang the hospital and spoke the the bookings office. The woman was rude and I clearly was a disturbance to her day (her still munching away during our phone conversation was a give away to this). I informed her of my story of how I was going to get it done privately but my doctor had seen my name come up on the public list for April and that I was getting worried as April was approaching and I had not heard from the hospital. She said that since the surgeon had seen my name on his list then clearly this information was correct (keep forgetting surgeons are gods) and that she would leave a note with the doctor requesting my date and I needed to ring back in a week to confirm my date.
So now Wednesday afternoon can not come quick enough. So my surgery could be anywhere from 48 days to 19 days. (That covers April) Any longer and I will be kicking myself for not proceeding down the private road.

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