Monday, 2 April 2012

I'll just have one.....

Oh famous last words, but the smell was mmmmm and it all happened before I could put a conscious to my actions. Ordered the kids pizza tonight, was a few pieces left over so I thought one small piece wouldn't hurt. 2 pieces of pizza and 2 pieces of garlic bread later o.0
Not really getting to stressed about it. I hadn't had dinner and all I had eaten all day was optifast drink and bar, plus some grapes and an orange. Day 9 on my diet and didn't realise how much my tummy must have shrunk already. I was full after my little feast. I have been known to gobble a whole pizza! I'm quiet confident I will not have any trouble with my week of only liquid before the op.

Been busy today cleaning my floordrobe, created by those moments when you are going out and nothing fits. Hanging it all back up, thinking about the journey ahead and how I am looking forward to wearing some of these clothes again. This time as I grow out of them I will give them away because they are too big, not because they are too small. I have not allowed myself the luxury of any new clothes since January. So the size 26 and 28's I have been wearing are ready for the trash can not the op-shop.

Other than housework, have not got out and done any exercise again, none at home either. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I was thinking I might mow the lawns, now that would have to be a calorie burner. also want to get the front garden cleaned up a bit.

Oh have to check out for sure how long till I'm allowed to drive after the sleeve. I'm thinking the doctor said 6 weeks (like when you have a c-section). That was back in January so memory is a bit hazy. Just kids play weekend sports so this is going to be fun organising lifts if I can't drive for awhile.
Oh found another motivational poster I like:

Ok I just jinxed myself it just started to rain hahaha. Always the way.

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