Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Talking tummy

Can't get over how quick I get full, and I haven't even had the surgery. Just dieting my food intake decreased over the last week and a half. Just had a buttered Chicken from the 'Emily kitchen Range' was yum, but so filling. Most likely as I haven't had much carbs and the rice has really filled me up. Friend said today, "Oh you should just keep this up, you could cancel the surgery"!!! Only been friends for a couple of years, so she has never seen my major yo-yo's. As great this is going at the moment, what will eventually happen is I would get 'comfortable', something in life will bring me down and I'd use that an excuse to become a couch potato again stuffing my face. End up heavier than the time before.

Didn't get to finish my blog last night, little one came in and fell asleep on my bed. When I say little he is 9, but he youngest out of 5. Also Autistic with ADHD, so would love to get fit again to keep up with him.

Wow if you guys could hear my tummy talking right now, had a reasonably big dinner. Roast chicken, home made potato salad, pasta salad and tossed salad. It's 4 hours later and I am still feeling so full. It must be all the pasta and potato. (yes I did use homemade healthy dressings on them all) I have to confess I did eat half a bunny too, brought all the kids an Easter treat as they will be at their dad's. A 175gram (think that's about 6 ounces for my US friends) bunny each. Yes I grabbed one for myself and ate half already. Paying for it now, feeling yuck. But just did my blood sugar and it's at 5.6 so that's good. haven't eaten anything sweet for weeks so think it was a bit of a shock to the system. Not a big chocolate fan anyway. If I'm going to lash out on chocolate I usually like some expensive exotic dark chocolate.
Someone once asked, if you don't eat sweets how did you get so big. Well with cheeses, dips and fried food of course o.0

Still didn't get that exercise done, Lawns are still hairy. I did walk around k-mart for an hour, but that was stopping and starting leaning against the trolley. hurt my back again. This time just picking up a spoon of the kitchen floor!!! Not sure if its the Osteo in my hips or I have actually pulled something. This pain has been on and off since I had the colonoscopy. Could be fine for days then just a simple action like picking up a spoon and its back to deep heat, hot packs and pain killers. Didn't help I shared a bed with the octopus last night, boney knees in my back, legs draped across my body, he even manage to face slap me one stage there.

I think one of the most rewarding things from this journey will be the health benefits as the kilos come off. Just simple things like shopping today will be easier. The pain dropping away with the weight. Not having to take meds everyday, no sleep apnia (not that I use the blasted machine anyhow). No arthritis, no diabetes.

Still no phone call from the hospital, was tempted to ring again today to see if there was a date. But had the last conversation in the back of my head " we will ring you as soon as a dates been set" and "If the Doctor said April it will definitely be April". So thought better of it, plus with Easter holidays. Plus one of my boys broke his wrist yesterday, so with eldest having  perforated  ear drums and then that, my mind has been blahh.

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