Sunday, 22 April 2012

Netball Envy

Just had my youngest son at Netball (similar to basketball, except you cannot bounce the ball, and a 3 feet rule. Predominately a female sport, but as with most things now open to all).
I had such Netball envy, I just wanted to jump up and play. I used to play a far bit of netball, gave it up 17 years ago when I fell pregnant, did play a game or two up until I broke my ankle 12 years ago. I remember my last game, I was so unfit, I ached and soaked my clothes in sweat.
As soon as I can drop about 40kg, I want to get back into it.

Well 500 Grams down this week, but have decided since my scales aren't the most realiable. I'm saying this as I jumped on them 3 times in 5 minutes and got 3 different readings. So took the middle reading.

I'm trying to be good with my eating. Just I'm hungry all the time, not just tummy hungry, I know 90% of it's head hunger.  I actually went a few km out of my way yesterday so I could avoid the drive-thru's. McDonalds, Red rooster, Hungry Jacks and KFC all in a path from centre of town to my way home. I was hungry and knew I had food at home. That I did not need the junk food.

Well haven't been sleeping well at all lately. It's something I really have to work on. Went a whole night this week with no sleep at all. Amazing rush I actually got when it hit 24 hours no sleep. Was hopping around like a jack rabbit, even dancing as I made the kids breakfast, needless to say I got some weird looks from my children. So on that note, think I might pop a boring movie on and then hit the sack.

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